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Tuesday, 09.08.2022
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Pol J Cosmetol 2020, 23(1): 18-22pladd to cart

Inner life of lipstick - the impact of waxes and oils on the stability of cosmetics in the form of a stick

Anna Laudańska-Maj 1,2/, Agnieszka Gadomska-Gajadhur 2/

1/ Bell PPHU w Józefowie
2/ Wydział Chemiczny, Politechnika Warszawska

The main components of stick products are waxes and oils. Waxes in stick products perform a key function, provide form and properties to the final product. Thanks to them, lipstick and lip liner can be used as a convenient stick. Waxes and natural oils are not chemical individuals. It is worth to analyze the main components, to consider their impact and possible interaction to the formulation Products gelled with waxes exist in the metastable state. Finishing the filling process does not mean the end of changes in the product. Internal recrystallization, fractionation of ingredients lasts throughout the product´s "life". They are most intense during the first hours after the production. Later, the changes are slower and depend on the storage conditions. During mixing waxes with each other and with other raw materials, consideration should be given to the compatibility of the ingredients. This will help solve problems with product stability and protect us from complaints and returns from the market.

Key words: cosmetic, wax, oil, lipids, stability